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Popcorntime available on

  • Android
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Popcorntime VPN

Popcorntime VPN (pure vpn) makes a fantastic all-round choice as it offers a balanced range of services that are perfect for the mainstream VPN user. The fact that Pure VPN runs  over a hundred servers in more than 80 countries should ensure fantastic speeds wherever you are, and Pure VPN for popcorntime reportedly works well out even in China thanks to “stealth” servers located in Hong Kong.

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Great Movies

Great Movies

Always the latest movies

PopcornTime is consistently looking everywhere online for the simplest torrents from the foremost vital sites.

No Restrictions

No Restrictions

Unlimited movies and TV Shows

Watch any motion-picture show again and again as much as you would like. All you need to get started with PopcornTime is a internet connection and the application / software.

Awesome catalogue

Awesome catalogue

Up to date movie catalog

If the movie is out there, PopcornTime will publish it ! The built in system keeps the latest movies and shows up to date without a major software update

The best quality

The best quality

The Best quality in 720p and 1080p

Watch your movies and TV shows / Series instantly on PopcornTime in HD and with subtitles. 

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Download PopCornTime now !

it’s Free

Open PopCorn time

Open Popcorntime and browse to select your show you want to see.

We have seperated all shows in movies / tv shows (series) by category or genre.
You can also filter out our catalog by new added, latest, most popular and even more.


Select Quality HD (720 or 1080p) & Subtitles

The movies our system collects to display on Popcorntime are always high quality 720p or 1080p movies / tv shows.

Most of our catalog has already pre-selected subtitles to select from to open up with the movie instantly to watch and enjoy !

Play your movie

Play your movie and Enjoy !

Once you have set up the quality, and subtitles just hit the play button and your movie will begin in matter of seconds !

Download popcorntime app now !

Download the popcorntime app now, it is available on all platforms

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Popcorn time news


Official Popcorn Time fork revived after five month hiatus

  Included in the new ‘Hail Hydra’ update – which revived old Popcorn Time downloads – is an ‘Indie’ tab. The indie section pulls in video from Vodo, a site which hosts legally free content. Aside from the indie content, Popcorn Time still provides the familiar Movie, TV Shows, and Anime tabs. As the Popcorn […]
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Popcorn Time lets you pirate from a browser window, and its creators want it legal

Popcorn Time is risen again, only this time it’s coming to a web browser near you. If you’re not familiar, Popcorn Time was a streaming entertainment platform that looked a lot like Netflix to the end-user, but in reality was a sort of front for a torrent system. In other words, Popcorn Time made what […]
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PopcornTime stream movies in your browser

Before we dig into the details, it’s important to understand the history. Popcorn Time Popcorn Time essentially automates the whole torrenting process for movies and TV shows. Many torrents contain pirated content, and so the tool really just makes pirating easier. Popcorn Time, an app for streaming video torrents, just got a new web version: […]
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A whole new way to watch movies on PopCornTime with the new version of popcorntime 7.5.2

It’s time4popcorn

popcorn time for ios

iOs 7 and above

Mac OSX 10.7 and above

Popcorn time for Android

Android 4.0 and above

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Linux 32-bit

popcorn time for windows

Windows XP and above

popcorn time for linux

Linux 64-bit