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    Popcorn Time APK is basically an application using which you can easily play hundreds of TV series episodes and movies too right to your Android device without having the need to download them. This app is pretty much similar to the Windows version, and also it works just by streaming the file you wanted directly from the torrent.

    It will just take the .torrent while of the movie or episode which you want to watch on your device. But, we would highly suggest you to stay over a WiFi network while using this app because it might consume a lot of your data if you are on the cellular network.

    This application is available for most of the devices like, Android, Linux, iOS, Mac and also Windows. So if you want to do cross streaming across all your devices, you just need to sign up for your account.

    What is Popcorn Time APK?

    As I’ve mentioned above, Popcorn Time App can be easily used to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies. Moreover, there are no restrictions by the app so the user can watch as many TV shows and movies for a longer time. To make sure that there are no bugs and errors, they constantly keep updating the software in the backend. So we would recommend you to check our site regularly for all the latest versions.

    User-Friendly Interface

    Because of the easy and user-friendly interface, now most of the TV shows and movies can be watched easily. So once you download this app open it on your Android device – then it will just ask you to select the TV show or movie which you like to watch and just start watching high resolution videos all day long. You can also watch HD videos within this app and the good thing is all the HD videos are 30FPS.

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    If you are wondering how is it all done, a peer-to-peer connection is used to download all the TV shows and movies. The Popcorntime app has been developed as an successful competitor to Netflix, where in Netflix you to pay to watch something but here you do not need to pay for anything you want to watch.

    Download Popcorn Time APK – Popcorn Time for Android APK

    If you are a Mac user, then you can get the Popcorn Time for Mac OS too. So as we have discussed previously, by using this app you are not just restricted to one device but instead you can use this on many other devices. This is very user-friendly and also comes with plenty of options for all the movie buffs out there.

    We are now not using the TV just like a TV, in the same way now the smartphones have become a part of our life and now the smart devices are mainly used for two different purposes, work and entertainment. So now when we talk about entertainment, then movies are the one which tops our list. So here are the simple instructions if you want to install popcorn time apk download for Android in a few seconds.


    Step by Step Guide for Popcorn Time App Download for Android Device

    Follow all these instructions for easy popcorn time download.

    Before you install the popcorn time android apk file:

    • Head over to Settings>Privacy>UnknownSources & click on “Allow Unknown Sources” box


    • Now Download the Apk file from here – > Popcorn Time Apk Download


    • Once you have the .APK file downloaded over to your device then just open your location where all your downloaded files are saved


    • Now just click on the “Install” button


    Popcorn Time Apk


    • Then just click on the “Next” button and then the actual installation process will begin


    Popcorn Time Apk


    • Now in this step the app take some time to get installed on to your device


    Popcorn Time Apk


    • Now, Popcorn Time .apk has been successfully


    Now with the help of this app you can enjoy any movie which you want. Now just click on the “Open” tab any now you can start watching all your Favorite TV shows and Movies without any trouble.

    If in case you are just stuck somewhere, then you can check this video down below so that you can get a clear view.

    Most useful feature of popcorn time APK android– Google Chromecast

    You can have a great experience if you use this app your television. So it is very easy to download popcorn time App for Chromecast.

    Amazing! Isn’t it?

    Now, let’s just have a look on who it is actually done

     – So if you want to just watch your TV shows or movies right on your television through the Popcorn Time App, then you need to have a Chromecast device. Though this is a very small device, it is equipped with many exciting and interesting features.

    – So with this device, you can now easily stream the video and audio from your mobile, computer, or just any other device with the help of Chromecast.

    – Now if you are wondering that it is very hard to use, let me tell you that using Chromecast is just a cakewalk. You just need to plug-in the device into your TV’s HDMI port and then launch the Popcorn Time app.

    – Now as soon as the app has been opened, you get various options option’s to stream your favorite TV show or movie to the Chromecast. So once you have selected it, then it will automatically start playing on your Television. Voila! That’s how simple it actually is.

    There are some other apps like Netflix, Twitch, YouTube using which you can watch the TV shows or movies.

    Here is a simple guide to download the Popcorn Time for PC and Popcorn Time for iOS.

     Why should you download popcorn time apk?

    – You can simply operate this app right from your, mobile, tablet, or even the smartphone.

    – Very fast installation

    – You can now enjoy all the latest TV shows and movie that too with the subtitles

    – This is the best ever alternative to Netflix. So with the help of Popcorn Time you can directly watch any TV shows or movies straight from the torrents without the need of downloading any additional app.

    So I have clearly explained you how you can install the Popcorn Time app on Android or just any other device, regardless of the OS version which you device is running on.

    So if in case you face any sort of issues in regards with the installation of this app, just comment down below and I will definitely help you out with the problem. So do share this article with your friends if they want to download this free TV shows and movies streaming app.

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